Posted by: StrongStakes | December 29, 2010

Living by Faith in 2011


As we embark upon a new year, the world appears to our naked eyes as full of crises:  Political unrest … climate change … soaring inflation … “wars and rumors of wars” … etc. … etc.  What a wonderful time to study the New Testament book of Hebrews!  For the next several months, we will focus on living by faith, not by sight.

You may remember one of my three-fold axioms for life, ministry and teaching:

  • Speak to basic human need.
  • Use terms that people understand.
  • Focus sharply on Jesus Christ!

This is exactly what the book of Hebrews does! … we will enjoy many sessions together exploring this 13-chapter book.

The following introductory study questions may also be downloaded and printed in handout form:  Introduction to Hebrews.

  1. Who wrote Hebrews?
  2. When was it written?
  3. Who was the audience?
  4. Where were they located?
  5. Why was it written?
  6. What is a basic outline?
  7. Identify unique features.
  8. Key verses.

If you have not yet read through the entire book of Hebrews (preferably in one sitting), you still have time prior to this coming Monday night, January 3rd.

Be sure to check the previous blog post for several strategic announcements!

As we have become accustomed … dessert will be served at 7 pm … the study of Hebrews will start PROMPTLY by 7:15 pm … see you in the New Year!

~ tr

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