Posted by: StrongStakes | November 5, 2010

Prayer Requests


Please intercede for the following three items:

1.  This is from Carl Chapman (former member of the study)

Hi Tim
We just heard from the doctor and the news is good, inconclusive, but good. No cancer cells in the biopsy. However the pathologist has suggested further testing due to the small sample amount that was obtained during the biopsy. They may want to do a surgical type biopsy rather than a needle type as was done this time.
Bottom line, we are praising the Lord for the results we have and trusting Him for those yet to come.
Thanks for your prayers.
God Bless

2.  This is from our friends in Haiti

Dear Friends and Family,
Please keep the people of Haiti, Fond-des-Blancs and us in your
prayers for this coming week.  Hurricane Tomas is expected to reach
Haiti by Friday.  The path it is on now will bring it directly to the
southern coastline, across the southern peninsula and over the rest of
Haiti.  Even if it weakens to a tropical storm, it will still bring
more rain and wind than most the country will be able to endure.

After the earthquake we were able to be online via Facebook with many
of you.  Since our internet is via satellite and bad weather usually
interrupts that connection we may not be able to give you any news as
quickly as we would like.  We will send a status report as soon as we

Also we have a group here with us who are going to get more than they
bargained for when they scheduled their trip, but they are dedicated
to seeing it through with us and helping with whatever cleanup will be
necessary afterwards.  They are a group of 12 from five different

In addition, in the last few days we have felt two tremors.  Everyone
is asking, “are they aftershocks or pre-shocks.”

Thank you for your prayers,
Joy Thomas

3.  I just received a text from our daughter, Laurelle.  Deb’s flight is scheduled to leave Bangkok in several hours (Sat. 5 am Pacific), but unfortunately, Deb has been awake pretty much all night, vomiting several times.  That is rare for her.  Laurelle said that she and Deb have been eating the same things, but with no effect on Laurelle, so they are not sure what it is.

She is facing a 3-hour flight to Hong Kong, followed by a 1-hour layover, before another 12-hour flight to LAX.  She is scheduled to arrive at LAX at 9:15, but with customs, I do not anticipate meeting her until about 10 pm.


~ tr

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