Posted by: StrongStakes | September 15, 2010

Secondary Poll … Yom Kippur … October Prayer


A strong majority of you desire to study another New Testament book.  Therefore, prayerfully consider the following five books in this “secondary poll,” then choose one.  If you prefer, write in a different selection.

Please cast your vote as soon as possible … 100% participation will be appreciated.  Most likely, we will narrow these five choices to two, then conduct a final poll to determine the specific book.

Yom Kippur (“Day of covering or Atonement”) coincides with Sep. 17-18 this year.  A handout of insights into this most holy day on the Jewish calendar has been added to the Media Drop Box.

Finally, Mike has scheduled our next Saturday prayer meeting for October 16th, 9-11 am.  Plan now to participate in this powerful and strategic gathering.

Additional questions for next Monday’s study on Romans 12:2-?? will be posted in a few days!

Remember to pray for each other!

~ tr

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