Posted by: StrongStakes | April 14, 2010

Justified by Faith … Alone!


To help us focus in on Romans 3:21-31, here are several prep questions … three from the last post … the rest are new.

  1. Before you begin, review the outline for Romans we discussed in our introduction to the book.
  2. Remember that Paul began his discourse with the good news of Romans 1:16-17.  Why is this “good news”?
  3. Unpack in more detail the meaning of the word “believe” in v. 22.
  4. What does it mean to “fall short of the glory of God”? (v. 23)
  5. Define “redemption.” (v. 24)
  6. Define “propitiation.” What O.T. event was a metaphor for this? (v. 25)
  7. Cite suitable cross-references from Paul’s letters for v. 27.
  8. How is the Law “established” by faith? (v. 31)

Bob J. is bringing the dessert, which will be served at 7 pm … the study starts shortly after that!

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