Posted by: StrongStakes | February 5, 2010

Paul’s “Magnum Opus”


Many biblical scholars consider the N.T. Book of Romans to be the Apostle Paul’s greatest theological work.  Starting Monday, February 15th, and continuing for several months, we will find out!  The following study questions are included in a handout, “Introduction to Romans,” which can be downloaded and printed from the “Media Drop Box” located on the right-side toolbar, under “Bible Study Tools.”

  1. Who wrote Romans?
  2. When was Romans written?
  3. What was the historical context (secular & biblical)?
  4. Where was it written?
  5. Who was the original audience?
  6. Why was it written (purposes for its writing)?
  7. How can Romans be outlined?
  8. Identify unique features.
  9. Key verse(s).

I also recommend that you read through the entire book during the next several days leading up to our introduction.

In the meantime, definitely plan to attend THIS Monday night, February 8th … this is a MUST HEAR event!  Rick M. will share his testimony, along with a significant challenge that he is facing, plus what God has been teaching him from His Word through this time.

Dessert will be served at 7 pm, with our study beginning shortly thereafter.

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