Posted by: StrongStakes | November 11, 2009

Ruth Wrap-up


Our study is growing … in numbers … and in wisdom!

The O.T. prophet Hosea wrote that God sometimes spoke through His prophets using “parables” (12:10).  These are analogies, or types, or symbols.  As we wrap-up our study of the book of Ruth this next Monday, we will focus more closely on the prophetic symbolism of the book.  Here are questions to aid your preparation.

1.  The city elders bless the actions of Boaz by invoking the memories of Rachel, Leah and Tamar (4:11-12) … why?

2.  They also bless Boaz with the hope that he would “become famous in Bethlehem.” How did this occur?

3.  In 4:14, the women of the city also bless Naomi with the hope that her redeemer would also “become famous in Israel.” How/when did this occur?

4.  In what ways may Boaz serve as a type of Jesus Christ as our kinsman-redeemer?

5.  Ruth may serve as a type of whom?

6.  Who introduces Ruth to Boaz?  May this unnamed person serve as a type of someone?

7.  Naomi may serve as a type of whom?

8. Whom might the “nearer kinsman” represent?

Roc returns from his business travels and promises to bring the dessert, which will be served at 7 pm.  The study starts shortly after that … see you Monday!

~ tr

P.S.  You may also want to get a head start on our next book study:  the O.T. book of Esther.

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