Posted by: StrongStakes | July 11, 2009

God’s Covenants


Here is Mark’s topic for Monday night’s Bible study:

“Why did God give us Covenants, what do they represent, and what value do they have?”

Pray for his preparation, plus our open hearts and minds, then come prepared to get your faith stretched!

There are two open dates left to lead the study.  Ross, do you want to snag one of these?

July 13 – Mark

July 20 – __________

July 27 – __________

August 3 – Bob

~ tr


  1. Mark,

    Don’t ever sell yourself short, that was an awesome study last night and I learned more than I knew before setting foot into the study

    Thanks for allowing the Lord to guide you – hmmm would that be bilateral?????

    Be blessed brothers


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