Posted by: StrongStakes | June 22, 2009

Equipped for Battle


After transparently sharing a powerful, personal testimony, Scott scrutinized the pieces of armor necessary to wage war against Satan and his cohorts.  Well done!

Mike is up next Monday.  He has asked us to read John 15:1-8 as preparation … support him with your attendance!

To sign up for your date, simply post a comment to this blog, so we can all see who grabs the remaining dates.

June 29 – Mike

July 6 – Roc

July 13 – __________

July 20 – __________

July 27 – __________

August 3 – __________

~ tr


  1. Scott, thanks for the armor breakdown and sorry I missed your testimony. I want to hear it when you can break away for a lunch. Mike, I’m sorry I won’t be able to attend your presentation. Blessings to your time of preparation.

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