Posted by: StrongStakes | March 6, 2009

Three Things to Remember

Gentlemen, there are three things to remember this week:

  1. Remember: We will not meet this coming Monday, March 9th, since I will be on an airplane, enroute home from Colorado.
  2. Remember: Contact your brother, whose name you drew out of the bowl, and pray with/for him this week.
  3. Remember: Post your comments to this blog, relating what you are learning as you continue to read through Philippians.  We will all benefit from your insights.

We resume our in-depth study of chapter one on Monday, March 16th, at 7 pm.

~ tr


  1. Hey guys,
    Reading a Book called Spiritual Leadership by Oswald. He uses Paul as an example, pretty incredible perspective. You guys have a blessed week, Loving the Phillipians study still reading through it everyday…Cool.

  2. Paul seems to show a clear favoritism and loyalty to the believers in Philppi since they were there “from the first day until now.” (1:5). He shows that not only was he a very smart man, but he had a big heart (see 1:7-9). Finally, his example to accept what God has dealt in (1:12-14) is very powerful. He sums up by rejoicing in 1:20 that he will “be exalted in my body, whether by life or death.” What a committed man this was! I call him the 12th apostle!

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