Posted by: StrongStakes | February 19, 2009

Paul’s Thank You Note

In these troublesome economic times, what would you say to a friend if he or she gave you a gift large enough to support you for a year? … or more!?

Come to the men’s Bible study this Monday night where we will peer over Paul’s shoulder as he writes a “thank you note” to the Christians at Philippi, in Macedonia.

In four short chapters, Paul expresses deep appreciation for the Philippians’ unflagging support, while integrating one of the richest passages of Christology.  He exhorts these 1st Century believers to press on in their lives of faith, while breaking into a veritable “love-fest” over his joy for their commitment.

We have much to gain from an in-depth study of this strategic letter from Paul!

We will now be meeting in classroom OC-1, directly across the hall from the kitchen, at Biola University’s Orange County Education Center.  This means we have lots of room to grow … so invite a friend (or two)!

Bob is scheduled to bring the dessert … no pressure … but don’t you hope he bakes one of his mouth-watering apple pies!?

The study starts at 7 pm!  See you before then!

~ tr

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