Posted by: StrongStakes | January 2, 2009

Resolutions for this New Year

We’ve all done this … at least once in our lives … made a “New Year’s Resolution.” But what does it mean … really?

Of the dozen definitions for the word, “resolution,” four stand out:

1. The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination.

2. In physics & chemistry, the act or process of separating or reducing something into its constituent parts.

3. The fineness of detail that can be distinguished in an image.

4. In medicine, the subsiding or termination of an abnormal condition.

What do all these words have to do with us … “OC Bereans”?  We are a small band of men (hopefully soon to grow larger), residing in south Orange County, California, who desire to grow in our spiritual life in Christ.  Our primary means for this is the weekly, in-depth study of God’s Word.  This blog is merely a tool to enhance this study and growth.

Incorporating the earlier definitions, we determine to grow in Christ this new year by carefully and closely exploring the various books of the Holy Bible, all the while focusing sharply on the Person and work of Jesus Christ, in order to become more like Him and less affected by our sinful condition.

We resume our weekly study this coming Monday, January 5th, from 7-9 pm, at Biola University’s south OC education center.  We will continue our “thumbnail sketch” overview of the entire Old Testament by picking up with the book of Nehemiah.  I will provide the dessert!

Links for other blogs or sites worth visiting are placed in the right column.  I encourage you to check them out!

~ tr

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