Posted by: StrongStakes | January 14, 2012

Notes • Questions • Links


Please read through this entire post … there’s lots of good stuff!

Click here for the Daniel 7:9-28 Notes from last Monday’s study.  We did not quite finish our discussion of chapter 7, so we will pick up with v. 16 this coming Monday.

The following picture, the “Mountain Peaks of Prophecy,” depicts how Old Testament prophets often “saw” and wrote about multiple time frames in the future.  We will discuss this in more detail Monday night.

Click here for the Daniel 8 handout and bring it with you to Monday night’s study.  In addition, here are several questions to aid your preparation for our discussion:

  • List some traits in our current world climate that would enable a global leader like the Antichrist.
  • In what ways will Christians recognize the Antichrist when he comes to power?
  • How will American churches be affected when members begin to be persecuted (even martyred) for their belief in God?
  • When God’s Kingdom is established, what are some of the things about our present world order that you most look forward to being changed?
  • In 8:12, one of the horns of the male goat (Greece) “flings truth to the ground” … what do you think this means?  (cf., v. 25)
  • Why did God speak so often in visions in Daniel’s time, but not so much today?
  • Identify some people in our culture today who speak with the credibility and stature of Daniel.

Finally, I strongly encourage you to invest six minutes and watch a video about The People’s Buddhism.”  Our daughter emailed this to us so that we would have a better understanding of what the religious/social culture is really like in Thailand, and so that we would know better how to pray for her.

Steve P. is bringing Monday night’s dessert … it will be served at 7 pm … the study starts shortly after that!

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